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Why Effective IVR Testing Is Critical For Good CX

Delivering exceptional customer service is the priority of every business. When this crucial function is optimized, your organization will face fewer challenges and have more time and resources to dedicate to growth and development. Your goal is to create a symbiotic relationship between all of your departments so that your business objectives are always met by the cohesive effort of your entire workforce. Disruptions to your customer service delivery, however, can have the most significant knock-on effect on everything else. You know that to get ahead of any potential issues, you need to implement effective, automated IVA testing. 

Your organization’s self-serve initiatives bring in numerous longterm benefits: reduced costs, enhanced customer journey, personalization, high call volume handling, etc. But, as with all technology, it needs consistent monitoring, testing, and upgrading to ensure that it's adapting to the customer's needs in line with your evolving products and services range. The rapid speed with which improvements can now be made means that implementing a DevOps methodology to your IVR testing process is essential if you'd like to stay competitive.

How automated customer experience testing simplifies your team's tasks

Timing is everything when it comes to customer experience. Delays in resolving issues can cause serious setbacks. Manually testing your systems is not feasible for growing companies because it cannot afford you the same agile responsiveness as automation. An automated testing process allows you to stage a variety of scenarios quickly in order to ascertain how your system performs under pressure before launching the script into the live environment. Why wait for a customer to hit a dead-end in your IVR when you could have entirely prevented the issue?

Automated testing ensures confidence in your call centers performance

With an empowered DevOps team that can efficiently perform critical optimization tasks with minimal disruptions, you can rest assured that your contact center is consistent in achieving the standard of service you promise your clients. 

Continuous experience testing provides the kind of metrics that enable fact-based decisions on how to handle the challenges that your call center faces, prioritizing your customer's experience at every turn. Your DevOps team can always take a proactive approach to troubleshooting, making sure that issues never escalate further than they have to.

What benefits have Occam's ETS clients experienced?

Over the years, we have helped many call centers to truly get to the core of what it takes to deliver excellent customer service. Of course, having well-trained agents at the end of the line is crucial, but the steps that the customer takes when navigating the IVR often sets the tone for the interaction between your organization and the end-user. Here's where automated IVR testing makes all the difference:

  • Happier call agents due to boosted system efficiency. This means a lower rate of staff turnover and fewer recruitment and training costs 
  • Decreased call abandonment rate due to optimized pathways through the IVR 
  • Reduced average call handling time (AHT)
  • Instant ROI through improved customer experience

When your network operates with increased accuracy, staff feel more confident in the decisions they make and the service they provide to customers. By eliminating the grey areas that come with manual testing, you are giving your developers the necessary data to make real changes. With Occam's ETS, your DevOps team will have access to operations data, dashboards, quick reports and instantly formulated scripts that make the burden of manual testing a thing of the past. 

Occam's team of thought-leading ETS developers have spent years creating and optimizing audio recognition software that allows businesses to test their IVR configurations comprehensively and instantaneously. We understand that to deliver continuous improvement, your DevOps team needs actionable and accurate data that is generated quickly and efficiently. With such tools at your disposal, the quality of your CX is immediately enhanced, helping your business to stay competitive and profitable.

If you’re interested in improving your call centers infrastructure through the implementation of experience testing software, take a look at our business case template. We’ve created an extensive checklist to help guide your business towards a continuous testing model that incorporates DevOps best practices. Click here to access the document now