Remote agent monitor connectivity

How to Monitor Agent Connectivity within Genesys Cloud

As an ever-increasing number of organisations shift to Genesys Cloud and realise all of the benefits a CCaaS platform offers, the move to cloud can create a significant challenge for IT teams that are used to having complete visibility and control of their underlying infrastructure.

The situation has been exacerbated in recent times with agents working remotely and organisations having to place a heavy reliance on home broadband connectivity in order to deliver an anticipated customer experience.

Ensure remote agent connectivity to improve customer experience

In order to be able to effectively manage the overall infrastructure IT teams need to have visibility of this last, critical mile and with home bandwidth potentially being shared with several others users, regular degradation of service is not uncommon.

Add to this poor connectivity, latency, voice quality and even dropped calls, lack of visibility of these problems can have a significant impact on an organisation.

Occam's ETS platform allows teams to proactively identify and troubleshoot issues, delivering an immediate impact on an organisations revenue.

Occam's Experience Testing System (ETS) extends the monitoring and visibility available to IT teams to include an agents' work-from-home environment, providing assurances that the anticipated customer experience is delivered regardless of the agent's location.

Our unparalleled experience in monitoring both cloud and telephony infrastructure has ensured that users have the ability to test the experience delivered from both the perspective of the customer and the agent.

As an AppFoundry Premium App, Genesys Cloud customers can immediately install ETS from directly within their instance and rapidly build tests scripts and monitoring schedule.

How it works:

ETS dials into the agent and once connected asks the agents that will allow the agent to confirm the experience being delivered. ETS can ask the agent to repeat a phrase to assess the audio quality and ensures levels are falling within pre-determined thresholds.

ETS can be used to ensure that skills-based routing is operating correctly by having the agent respond with a verbal of DTMF prompt.

At the same time ETS is automatically monitoring latency or lag in the responses and reporting on these should they fall below acceptable levels.

Using Occams' API:

As well as standard testing capabilities, using the ETS API, it’s also possible to create a link on the agent desktop that allows the agent to trigger an immediate quality assurance test should they have concerns on performance, receive feedback from a previous customer on poor audio quality or they themselves have concerns that calls are not routing correctly etc.

Results are then immediately sent to the appropriate individuals or teams, within that organisation, for investigation.

This pro-active approach has an immediate impact on the customer experience being delivered and the organisations revenues and brand reputation.

With this level of insight organizations can then set an appropriate policy in place where agents can then off hook for voice calls and just focus on email or web interactions etc until advised by the operations team that it’s appropriate to rejoin after some additional investigations by the NOC team have been carried out.

If you'd like to expand the visibility of your contact centers operations, get in touch today.